Terror On 12th Street and Bone Shaker Haunted Houses

By T.J. Sokol/ Noon Sertoma (other events)

9 Dates Through Oct 30, 2011
The year is 2136 and society is finally beginning to recover from the mass extinction events of 2012. For the last 124 years warlords have ruled the tribes of mankind. Now there is one world leader. The most violent and ruthless of all the warlords has gained control, his name is BONE SHAKER! He rules our broken society with an iron fist. You eat what he says, you do as your told, or the consequences are grave. He and his troops roam through the badlands looking for the bands of nomads who have rebelled against Boneshakers rule. Do not get caught by either group because strangers are unwelcome and you may be mistaken for the enemy. You have been warned.....

12th and Norman has been a mysterious location for years. Some say it's haunted, other say its been abandoned but nobody knows the horrors that lurk inside. While working on a fundraising haunted house years ago a voice tormented the members of Sokol Hall. A haunting voice that drove them mad. Guided by the otherworldly voice they created the most intense, horrifying experience you will ever encounter. Now open to the public, Terror On 12th Street is here to make you rock in place and cry for mercy.

no lightssources, open flame, outside food or drink allowed in the haunts. Not recommended for people under 12 years old.